Creation and development

On request or based on a sample, we create a new product according to the given parameters or our own idea...

The product can be only partially defined and supplemented with our suggestions.

According to the condition of the skin, the needs of the market and special requirements, we create a basic solution that can be changed and finished up to 3 times as desired. After that, we consider it a matter of developing a new product.

Along with the creation of a new product, we provide free-of-charge opinions, suggestions and proposals regarding the fitting of the product into a certain collection, about the creation of mini collections, about the use of adequate packaging or marketing issues.

Product formulation and technology do not have to be redeemed if production is ordered within 30 days after the design and confirmed solution. At any time, the customer can purchase the formulation as well.

In the event that the customer orders the creation of a new product and then its production, the price of the manufactured item does not include the creation price.

For a new product, the Client can also request the service of creating the prescribed documentation and reporting it to the competent authorities, as well as an adequate design. Design will provide two suggestions that can be corrected up to 3 times. After that, it is considered that a new conceptual solution has been ordered.

Other elements of development and relations are regulated by the Agreement, as well as prices, payment and delivery terms.

You can find the Request Form for Creating a New Product HERE 

For the development and modification of existing products or their integration into certain collections and trends, we create up to three samples, including design proposals. One request includes up to 3 corrections, after which we are considered to be entering a new development.

The details of development and relations are regulated by the Agreement, which must be signed by the contracting parties in order to start development activities.

You can find the Request Form for Development and Refinement of an Existing Product HERE