We produce products for skin care and protection in modern conditions. The products do not contain aggressive and irritating ingredients. Formulations allow them to act with several functions simultaneously.

Our offer includes:

  • Natural and Organic cosmetics
    • Hair care, Bathing and showering, Face and neck care, Hand care, Nail care, Body care, Leg and foot care, Intimate care
    • Unisex, Women's and Men's cosmetics, Products for mature skin, Cosmetics for babies and children
    • Products for the care of pregnant women, Products to support nursing mothers and the modern mother
    • Products for sun protection, Products for skin care after the sun
    • Natural products, Natural repellents, Products without preservatives, Antipollution products for protection and care in case of severe air pollution
    • Aromatherapy products, Pulse place products, CBD cosmetics, HALAL cosmetics, Herbal cosmetics, Cosmetics for tattoo care, Dermocosmetics, Wellness products, Spa and Medical Spa
    • Cosmetics for traveling and staying in open spaces and in nature, Gift products
    • Promotional cosmetic products, Cosmetic support for sports and recreation
    • Professional cosmetics, Special products (for skin whitening and similar), Office cosmetics
    • Eco cert certified BIO products, Disinfectants, Skin care products after disinfection, Cosmetics for pet care
    • Personalized projects and products
    • Private label products and collections
  • Ecological detergents
    • For professional use
    • For the household
    • Special products
    • Private label
  • We create and produce the following cosmetic formulations (textures):
  • Cream
  • butter
  • mask
  • serum
  • salve
  • emulsion
  • oil
  • shake
  • balm
  • milk
  • tonic
  • grease
  • lotion
  • peeling
  • rub
  • gel
  • fluid
  • perfume
  • pomade
  • liniment
  • lubricant
  • emollient
  • solution
  • elixir
  • bath
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • freshener
  • disinfectant
  • liquid soap


Our brands


Product features
We create products according to consumer needs. Each of our products is aimed at solving a specific user problem, and its characteristics are determined by that purpose. We take special care to ensure that every product in the stage of creation, production and throughout its lifetime fully meets the defined requirements and characteristics.

Our products are characterized by the following characteristics:

Due to its intended purpose, the product must first of all be effective. This means solving the problem or need of the consumer in the shortest possible period of time.

In order to avoid unwanted irritations, when choosing raw materials and active substances, we take into account their characteristics and avoid unnecessary and aggressive additives. We solve the problems of people with dry, sensitive and damaged skin: the best results are given by natural components! We use bases and bases made of natural materials and always try to choose a natural active substance. We use a substance whose structure is similar to the skin, so that it can be accepted as well as possible. We produce controlled batches of fresh preparations without or with a minimum of preservatives, as well as natural stabilizers and antioxidants.

Precise selection of raw materials and focus on the consumer, enables the solution of multiple problems or needs with the same product. In addition to the primary function, others are also achieved, such as simultaneous care and protection, cleaning and care, washing and prevention of drying of the skin and the like.

Each product is completely determined by the user's needs. Therefore, it contains a large proportion of active functional components that achieve effectiveness. The application is economical because it does not require large quantities of product or immediate repetition of the procedure.

The products are defined by the needs of consumers and the possibilities of adaptation to specific requirements. We are ready to make a completely new product at the customer's request according to certain purchase conditions: products are subject to change in terms of adding or eliminating certain ingredients or fragrances, basic or transport packaging

Innovation solves a specific problem that has not been solved or improves an existing solution, i.e. a product. Our products are innovative in their function, composition and relationship to the skin and the environment.

From development, production, distribution to application, our product meets the latest environmental protection requirements. Does not burden the environment; the packaging is minimal, multi-purpose and recyclable. The composition is natural or highly biodegradable, and effectiveness is guaranteed by small quantities in circulation. All the above-mentioned features enable our products to have an excellent ecological balance.

The products are not tested on animals and we do not use ingredients that come from animals, that is, procedures in which the animal would suffer. However, we believe that the use of lanolin is valuable for care, especially for sensitive and damaged skin, and we are ready to use it in a preparation for such a purpose, bearing in mind that this raw material was not obtained by violence against animals, but by an exogenous process.

All our products are the result of scientific work and represent solutions to certain consumer problems. Products are created in the process of solving specific problems from the market and represent a response to a given problem in a given situation. That's how they were created, and their characteristics are defined accordingly.