Production of natural cosmetics

We create and produce products adapted to the needs of modern skin care and protection, which are widely accepted because they do not irritate...

Skin care - a modern problem

Milla Cosmetics d.o.o. deals with the problem of skin care and protection in modern conditions and, based on its own solutions to certain problems in skin care, creates and produces adequate products that help maintain the healthy status of the skin.
The purpose of our work and business is healthy and beautiful skin. That is why we create and produce preparative cosmetics suitable for all skin types. On this basis, more than two thousand recipes and products have been created, which have been produced continuously for over 30 years as own brands and private label arrangements.

It is already clear to everyone that the world as we know it is changing more and more rapidly and that it will continue. All these changes, the way of life, our conditions, nutrition and activities directly affect the condition and appearance of our largest organ, our skin.

Therefore, skin care and protection in modern conditions acquires new dimensions and needs. It is no longer enough to just protect certain areas with a cream, just wash your hair, wash your hands and take a shower. Healthy skin is exposed to increased adverse influences from the outside as well as from the inside and requires adequate activities and such, and often special, cosmetic products in order to remain healthy. Skin with any problem today must be taken very seriously and treated very precisely in order to be able to return to its healthy status.

Numerous disorders in our body, which are more and more common in modern conditions, also show up on the skin. The standard of hygiene and health that requires a beautiful appearance has become a social need that imposes on every individual
to take care of the health and appearance of his skin (if he wants to be accepted in society). Therefore, studying and solving this problem requires an interdisciplinary scientific approach and includes various professions and activities. Accordingly, Milla Cosmetics d.o.o. cooperates with companies, institutes and prominent individuals at the international level who are seriously dealing with this problem and, based on this cooperation, increases the prospects and speed of solving certain problems.

There is a large number of adverse effects on healthy skin. Some are of a universal type, and many are characteristic of certain markets, groups of people or individuals. We want to create products of a universal type, but also those that are necessary for individuals and groups with specific needs. We are constantly developing our resources for such requests as well.

This is why our products are adapted not only to a specific skin type, but also to a specific current skin status, and their action is aimed at the goal we want to achieve. In this sense, we can talk about products for healthy skin that should primarily protect natural functions and maintain its healthy state.

We can talk about products for dry, sensitive and damaged skin with certain pronounced problems with the aim of relaxing it, hydrating it sufficiently, providing it with enough nutrition and returning it to a healthy state.

And we can also talk about products that are supposed to help with very bad skin status, (such as damaged, burned, atopic and reactive skin) extremely intolerant and burdensome for anyone who has problems similar to these. In these cases, the product should be applied to the skin without endangering the existing condition, and then soothe it as soon as possible and reduce the negative effects.

So, these are products that will make it possible to function even with such a bad status. And after that, will improve the condition until completely healthy. It is a really difficult task that requires a lot of knowledge, a lot of work, effort and sacrifice, but every reaction of a satisfied user shows that this goal is worth it.

Our detergents differ from the classic ones produced by the chemical industry in their relationship to the skin. Classic detergent mainly treats only the problem of contamination and is formulated that way. We reduce aggressive elements - when possible, completely exclude them, and add natural, skin-important elements: glycerin, ceramides, herbal extracts, etc. taking care not to burden the environment after use (non-toxicity, reduction of foam and water consumption for rinsing, high biodegradability, etc.).

Detergents and disinfectants represent the basis of our offer to professional and large consumers (companies specializing in cleaning and maintenance of workspaces, as well as hotels, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, public transport and other companies and others). They are usually offered by our distributors (Narodne novine, Johnson Diversey, Timi, Capricorno, Zvibor, Insako, Adria servis and others.).

Our natural preparative cosmetics, detergents, special detergents, essential oils and other cosmeceuticals, cosmetic and para pharmaceutical products permanently ensure the biological balance of the skin (with all natural functions) and make it possible to maintain a humane working and living space despite increasing pollution and others. negative impacts on the skin and people in the work process, but also during other daily activities.

Milla cosmetics d.o.o. in terms of product range, continuously adapts to market needs and follows customer requirements. Considering the very wide range of products and different distribution channels, and the often great pressure from customers to produce certain products, our resources are focused on current projects, so it often happened that we were not dealing with placing our brands on the market, but were dealing with development and production or on the other hand, we participate in campaigns for placing on the market the product line from our Private label arrangement.

In this sense, in recent years we have mostly dealt with private label arrangements and created hundreds of new products that are sold in all distribution channels in the wider area of Europe and America. During that time, we did not expand the sale of 30 of our own, protected brands.