We adapt them to the following distribution channels and production niches:

  • Mass market - lower, middle and premium segments, gifts, promotional products
  • Drugstores - value-added products and special products
  • Pharmacies - products with a positive health effect and natural cosmetics
  • Professional cosmetics - hairdressers, beauticians, massage, wellness and Spa, treatments, doctors, etc.
  • Perfumery - top products
  • HoReCa - products for hotels, catering and tourist destinations
  • Special stores - Duty free, BIO stores, Ethno, Drugstores, gas stations...
  • Sports shops and organizations - products for Gym, sport and recreation
  • B2B - companies that sell or give away to companies (promotional and hygiene products)
  • Public and state institutions - hygiene products for institutions, companies, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, etc.
  • Market for pets - mass market and specialized stores for pets)
  • Private labels - arrangements
  • On line - shop

In modern interaction, everyone tries to be noticed and remembered, so various items are increasingly used for these purposes. They are usually marked with the sender's logo or slogan and are shared with business partners and employees.+

In accordance with our Mission, we customize products for you. We are able to create a whole range of products according to your wishes and design...

They share with us both the good and the bad, including the negative effects on the skin. The situation they are in, (im)motion, type of diet, cleanliness of the air they breathe and stressful situations greatly affect their health, which we can often see on their skin.

Regardless of the trends and continuous changes in the market, pharmacies were and remain the concept of procurement for products with which we improve our health and meet our health needs.