Private label

In accordance with our Mission, we customize products for you. We are able to create a whole range of products according to your wishes and design...

Private label arrangements have accompanied our business practically from the very beginning. We have done large and small, long-term and short-term jobs and business projects of local and international types. As we have always understood products from this category exactly the same as those under our brand, our experience and knowledge is practically at the same level. This ensures the same quality of work for all types of arrangements and requests.

We can complete both large and small projects from idea to positioning on the shelf in a relatively short time and for a very reasonable budget. Our offer, like our business relationship, is rich and flexible, so it will usually depend on what the client wants. We offer all types of items and price levels.

It is possible to order only market research and product concepts or a line, a mini line or a large collection. We also create a completely new preparation or accompanying article that is missing from the group. We can also develop or improve an existing product in any required area.

We create attractive products, mini lines and collections according to given parameters, innovative goals, marketing and sales goals or according to trends. The customer can ask questions and requests of any kind and will receive a quick answer and a proposal, or a draft solution to the problem. 

The concept and proposals can be turnkey, they can be compiled or corrected by the client or they can be directly managed and controlled by him in all phases.

In any type of relationship, we provide competent support in all areas essential for the creation, development and marketing of the product or collection in question. All our observations, remarks and suggestions are free of charge unless specifically ordered.
Individuals and teams are involved in every project and can contribute the most to optimal solutions in the shortest possible time. We want to provide the customer with complete information on all aspects of procurement, production, product characteristics, logistics, production and delivery, as well as the position on the shelf so that he can choose the best parameters for himself and define his wishes, i.e. the order.

After defining the product, we create development and production documentation and, if necessary, production technology. Upon request, we prepare products for the market in accordance with the current regulations of the territory where they will be sold. This can include applications, testing of all kinds, special documents and certificates, and even industrial protection and marketing preparation.

The client can choose the model of ownership of the recipes, products and production. For serious business relationships and long-term business cooperation, we do not set minimum quantities to be ordered, and for one-off jobs and smaller orders, we agree on the optimal variant with the customer. Prices are usually set at the parity of EXW Zagreb, Croatia for transport by truck and FOB Port of Rijeka for transport by ship. For air transportation, the price is separately negotiated.