Regardless of the trends and continuous changes in the market, pharmacies were and remain the concept of procurement for products with which we improve our health and meet our health needs.

Healthy and beautiful skin is our imperative that underlies every formulation, so we can say that all our products are made for sale in pharmacies. However, the pharmacy is only one of the distribution channels in which we participate with products that have pronounced positive health effects or are specifically intended to improve skin health.

Our offer includes classic hygienic toiletry cosmetic items that help us in our daily routines and are not burdensome for the skin because they do not dry out or irritate it, but contribute to relaxation and improving the condition. We also offer advanced products with multiple functions at the same time, for dry, sensitive and irritated skin. There is a wide range of special products with particularly potent raw materials aimed above all at calming irritated, reactive and intolerant skin already in the first phase of use and making an important contribution to improving the condition.

Our products for sun protection and simultaneous skin care, as well as the range of products for skin recovery after sun exposure, meet all needs related to this topic. We also participate in the offer of articles for massage and physical musculature treatments for relaxation and pain relief, as well as aromatherapy products that contribute to a better feeling and psychophysical stability.

The pharmacy now offers a special collection of products for the care and recovery of the skin of oncology patients, a collection for disinfection with simultaneous care for skin care and a mini-line of products for skin care after disinfection. There is also an attractive offer of skin care products during and after using the protective mask.

For the pharmacy, we continuously develop a wide range of support products for pregnant women, nursing mothers and young mothers, products for babies (baby) and a special line of children's cosmetics (Kids). For some time now, the pharmacy has been a place where new products with a pronounced contribution to health, such as CBD products, but also natural cosmetics with health effects and particularly useful ingredients are found.

We follow the needs of the skin in modern conditions and create products accordingly, and adapt the offer to the market. For pharmacy chains, we can adapt parts of the product range particularly well or offer a private label.