They share with us both the good and the bad, including the negative effects on the skin. The situation they are in, (im)motion, type of diet, cleanliness of the air they breathe and stressful situations greatly affect their health, which we can often see on their skin.

They show psychological and physical adverse effects on the skin or fur. Cleaning and washing products can also have an extremely bad effect on their health, which is immediately visible on the skin.

Unfortunately, we often don't understand or can't recognize it, so we try to repair the consequence and we don't know how to remove the causes. It is widely believed that pets have practically the same skin problems as humans. And to suffer from
many and similar health problems as humans.

For this reason, washing and some grooming is no longer enough, but an understanding of the pet's skin care problems is necessary in order to have the necessary treatment for skin health. We must pay more attention to this problem, learn what is important and necessary and what is harmful and must be avoided.

We believe that it is necessary to give the pet's skin care the same importance as your own skin care. Accordingly, the types and quality of products intended for skin and fur care must be at that level. As specialists in skin care in modern conditions (especially dry, sensitive and intolerant) and at the request of this market, we have joined our potential with renowned individuals (veterinarians) and institutions in order to offer adequate solutions (products) based on specific problems.

Veterinarians and pet owners pass on their knowledge and experience to us, which continuously increases our knowledge of this important area and thus creates cosmetic specialists for the needs of pets.

We have created the prerequisites for changing the approach to pet care. Here we are talking about the most numerous groups such as dogs, cats and horses. So, we are no longer talking about washing and cleaning hair or fur. We are talking about skin care and adequate treatment of hair and fur in modern conditions. Skin is a very important subject of our approach here. This is why we can also talk about cosmetics for pets.

As with humans, situations and products that adversely affect the normal functions of the skin should be avoided, and adequate, non-aggressive products should be used in daily routines. In this way, unwanted skin problems can already be prevented.

We agree with the idea that it is possible to remediate certain undesirable situations in the home atmosphere with simple procedures and adequate products without the intervention of a veterinarian and without procedures, recipes and special treatments. Most of our assortment is designed for this kind of use. These are classic and special products that can be obtained without a prescription, and they create a favorable atmosphere for the normal functioning of the skin, hair and fur. They can often have positive health effects.

Pet products are much more than shampoos and conditioners. The skin should be cared for with adequate creams, lotions, milk, serums, oils, fresheners, cleaners, disinfectants, balms, fragrances, butter and other specialized cosmetic products for healthy skin. The mentioned types of articles represent the necessity of adequate care and care because we want our pets to have healthy skin, hair and fur and to be beautiful to us.